S01E16: Developing Character Motivations, Part 2 Write A Novel: Making Your Authorship Dreams Come True

In this episode, I continue my discussion of the first aspect of writing you need to address in order to avoid having flat characters, which is developing your character's motivations. If you'd like to send a voice message that I can use in a future episode, go to Anchor.fm/WriteANovel. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel at YouTube.com/HowToFixCinema. If you'd like to stay up to date on all of my projects, simply sign up for my newsletter at TheWritersEverything.org/newsletter. To support this podcast, please go to Patreon.com/QJMartin or Anchor.fm/WriteANovel/support. — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/writeanovel/support
  1. S01E16: Developing Character Motivations, Part 2
  2. S01E15: Developing Character Motivations, Part 1
  3. S01E14: Avoid Having Flat Characters
  4. S01E13: How To Differentiate An Ensemble Cast
  5. S01E12: Trick Readers Into Thinking You're An Expert, Part 2

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