Movie Repairman

Movies have always been a passion of mine. But it’s about more than just watching the action on screen for me. I enjoy the craft of storytelling through this visual medium as much as I do through the written word.

However, nothing infuriates me more than all the countless complaints fired at movie critics, or even worse, at sites like Rotten Tomatoes itself, complaining that they’re just movies and that we should just enjoy them for what they are.

Aside from the complete lack of competence in being able to determine the actual nature of Rotten Tomatoes, these sorts of individuals are asserting that there’s no such thing as a quality story well-told, and they even go as far as to say things like, “I don’t see you doing better.”

I, for one, am not ok with standing by and watching as our most prominent modern art form is pulled down to the level of these sorts of misguided complaints. Because of this, I started the Movie Repairman podcast, as well as the HowToFixCinema YouTube channel.

My goal, through these two mediums, is to show that there are always ways for all of us to improve in our crafts, and we as a society should always feel free to direct critiques at the film industry. Why? Because that’s how it improves. That’s how our movies reach new heights and achieve amazing things.

Criticism of the arts is not a social disease, as so many today claim. Rather, the real disease is the assertion that we should never be allowed to address the glaring issues we find in so much of our media.

I hope you’ll enjoy these critiques and find inspiration for them in your own writing, or even in your enjoyment of the movies I address.

Giving you everything you need to succeed as a writer.

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