S01E00: Introduction

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Hello, and welcome to season one of the Write A Novel podcast. This season includes all of the episodes I released in 2021, along with a couple stragglers in 2020 that were under my original tWE format.

So what is this season about? Well, when I originally created the podcast, I called it The Writer’s Everything, or tWE for short. My goal was to provide you with everything that you could possibly need to be a successful writer. Now I have since changed my podcast branding and narrowed my focus a little bit, but I’m still taking every opportunity to fill these episodes to the brim with as much useful information as I can manage.

So what are you going to find in season one of the Write A Novel podcast?

Well, after the updates portion of each episode, I share my writing term of the week. This is an essential term taken from a comprehensive list I developed over the many years of my study of the writing craft. And you should’ve seen me in the early days of researching the writing craft, trying to sneak my phone out of my pocket every five minutes at work to write down a new term I just heard in a podcast like Writing Excuses or Helping Writers Become Authors. So of course, I’m very excited to share these terms with you to help kickstart your career as a writer as well.

Well, then, after a brief definition of the writing term of the week, I delve into the topic of the episode. This is a 5-10 minute discussion of the contents of one of my previous writing essays. It is also the content that provides each episode with its name.

After this deep dive into the topic of the podcast, I share a character development question from my upcoming writing guide, If So, Why? 850 Questions for Ultimate Character Development. Each of these questions is meant to get you thinking about your characters and help you to look at them from new and unique perspectives. I’ll explain how the answer to each question can play a role in your story, as well as provide examples in popular movies and television that show these topics coming into play.

And finally, each episode ends with a writing prompt, with the goal of either sparking your creativity or helping you to put into practice the information I covered for the topic of the podcast.

Thank you for listening. I hope this season really does provide you with everything you need to be a writer. I guarantee that with a little time and effort, your dreams of writing a novel can become a reality. And I hope to be there, a voice in your ear, helping you along every step of the way.

Listen to more of Season 1 of tWE.


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