S02E00: Find Your Favorites #WriteANovel2021

Hello, and welcome to a special episode of The Writer’s Everything. Today we’re going to be discussing the #2021NovelChallenge.

#WriteANovel2021 Week 0

Now, if you ask 100 people if they want to have a published book some day, I’d be willing to bet that at least 95 of them would say yes, if not more. Millions of people aspire to be writers, but so many fall short of their dreams, never even finishing a single book.

I believe that 2021 is the year to change that. And that’s why I decided to start the #2021NovelChallenge. I want every single person who’s ever dreamt of laying out their creativity on the page to have the resources and encouragement to do just that. 2020 sucked for all of us, so what better way to start the new year off on the right foot than to aspire to add to the wealth of humanity’s literary achievements?

So how can I help you to make 2021 the year where your dream comes true? In three words, direction, suggestions, and encouragement.

So let’s start with direction.

Every Monday for the entirety of 2021, there will be a new podcast right here on The Writer’s Everything. In it, I will lay out what your goals for the week are. Then we’re going to work together at them. I will be writing right alongside you, following each week’s directions. Now, the directions in each podcast are not going to be overbearing or unachievable. We have 52 weeks to work with, so we’re going to have plenty of time to be able to pace ourselves out and get there slowly but surely. Even so, if you stick with it every single week, I think that you’ll be amazed by how much success you’ll have.

Next there will be suggestions.

If you support me on Patreon for just $1 a month, you can discuss your challenges with me each month and I’ll do all that I personally can to help keep you on track. If you support me at the $5 level, then I’ll help you develop your story, overcome your plot obstacles, and flesh out your characters with a thorough monthly conversation. It’ll be just like one big collaboration.

And finally you’ll have encouragement.

Every week, I’ll have a slot available to share audio from you and from other writers who have accepted the #2021NovelChallenge, so that we can celebrate your successes and cheer each other on every step of the way.

So as we approach 2021, your goal this week will be a simple one. Make a list of your favorite movies, television shows, and books. Make sure the items you choose are in a genre that you would enjoy creating in, and start to think about what all of your favorites have in common. Maybe it’s a secret twist at the end, or an epic dog fight in space, or a young hero finally mastering their powers moments before their potential demise. 

Just have your list done by next Monday, and you’ll have taken the first step to participate in the #2021NovelChallenge and put yourself on the path to becoming an author.

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